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Empowering Creators and Causes

Crypto Link in Bio + Writing Platform


Accept Crypto Tips

Share your link on social media and receive cryptocurrency donations from your fans.


Share Social Media Links

Connect with your audience by sharing your social media profiles all in one place.

Support Causes

Donate cryptocurrencies to support influencers, charities, or projects that matter to you.


Write and Publish

Write articles, blogs, tutorials, and more to gain exposure and attract a wider audience.


Earn $ANIM Tokens

Create high-quality content and earn $ANIM reward tokens.

Get Started
getalby bitcoin lightning nano xno
Bitcoin (BTC) bc1q27m7d0aaaymcl6kewtyth9zfplz5t5kt2ynp86
Ethereum (ETH) 0xa0830ce9c030deFc8d87A145d331db04264C4f0c
Monero (XMR) 89fBj5uZeJ5hauwTRF6aQebUgydMghsmZbBMZ8yJFVRtQY86S2AU6kPZXbn71RLiW2KyJKpvroHJahFv6rRnnMPZVPHJAEb
Kaspa (KAS) kaspa:qpd8t2c8e6lapxvklzcdhq7clzk9me0pecclglcpcse8xqpettxnsv5ath4e9

anim.cc is a simple solution to help you accept cryptocurrency tips. It organizes your wallets in one link, making them more accessible to your donors. You can create a crypto donation page with your preferred cryptocurrencies, and accept contributions directly to your own wallets.

For writers, anim.cc offers a well-optimized platform for publishing articles. This allows you to gain more exposure and attract a wider audience to your cause, and effortlessly raise funds. Also, users can earn Anim tokens by writing articles.

  • No taxes.
  • No middleman.
  • No personal data required.
  • Completely free.
  • Easy to use.
  • All major blockchains supported: BTC, BCH, DGB, DOGE, ETH, KAS, LTC, XMR, XNO, SOL, TON, VITE
  • Browser extension support: Alby, Nano Donate

The Anim Token

$ANIM is a cryptocurrency token built on the Vite blockchain. It functions as a reliable payment system and a reward mechanism. Users can earn $ANIM by publishing articles and engaging with our platform. It can be traded on exchanges and used to unlock new features on the platform.

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