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The Native Currency of Anim Platform


$ANIM is a primary currency and utility token of the anim.cc platform designed to provide a secure, efficient, and accessible means of conducting transactions without the limitations imposed by traditional payment systems. This whitepaper outlines the fundamental features, benefits, and technical specifications of Anim Token (ANIM), as well as its role in revolutionizing the way transactions are conducted in the digital age.

Technical Information

The "Anim" token is a digital asset created on the VITE (Vite) blockchain, it seamlessly integrates into the Vite ecosystem, benefiting from its advanced features and capabilities.

Vite is a generalised decentralized application platform that offers high throughput, low latency, and scalability while taking into account security. Vite uses a DAG ledger structure and transactions in ledgers are grouped by accounts. The consensus algorithm used in Vite is HDPoS which stands for Hierarchical Delegated Proof of Stake. This algorithm is designed to provide high performance and scalability by allowing for asynchronous writing and confirming of transactions. In other words, transactions can be processed simultaneously without waiting for each other to be confirmed. HDPoS achieves this by using a hierarchical system of delegating nodes to validate transactions, with each node responsible for a certain level of the network. An important improvement in Vite design is the adoption of an asynchronous Event Driven Architecture, which transmits information through messages between smart contracts, greatly improving system throughput and scalability. Vite realizes resource allocation by quotas, ensuring that regular users are exempt from transaction fees, while maintaining a typical transaction time-to-finality of under 5 seconds.

Features and Benefits

Token Specifications

Blockchain: Vite

Ticker: ANIM

Decimals: 3

Max Supply: 8,888,888,888

Token ID: tti_3eb2bbf86d2f5873b62452b0



88% of the supply will be used to incentivize our content creators and reward users who invite new users to our platform.

11% of the supply will be allocated to fund the development of our platform ecosystem, including exchanges.

1% of the supply will be distributed to early supporters who stake $VITE on the Viva Staking Pool.

Buyback Program:

Given the limited supply of tokens and their fundamental role as a reward mechanism on our platform, we are committed to repurchasing our tokens in the future. This strategic measure aims to ensure consistent and perpetual rewards for content creators and reward token holders, as well as maintaining the token price at early stages. The token buyback program will be funded by a portion of the platform’s revenue and will be done gradually.