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Why Google Chrome is still the best browser

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 186

There are a lot of options but somehow Google Chrome is still best option, there are not many reeasons but they are important.

  • Ease of use - passwords are stored in one place and you can log into mobile apps using them. This removes need of third party apps like LastPass.
  • Compatibility - Chrome is compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. This makes it best choice to synchronize your settings, bookmarks, and again passwords across all your devices.
  • Websites from Google like YouTube tend to work faster and better on Chrome especially when there are any changes.
  • Extensions - Chrome has a large library of extensions that can be used to customize the browser and add features.
  • It just works - Chrome is very stable and secure as features they add are carefully tested.


Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 261

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency where individual coin ownership records are kept in a database secured by strong cryptography. Because of its special security feature, it is difficult to counterfeit. It is fully digital and is not issued or controlled by any central authority.

If you have been following the news, you might have heard a thing or two about the insane ups and downs of cryptocurrencies recently. It surely is a crazy year for those who invested in cryptocurrencies. Some have become filthy rich by investing in cryptocurrency, while some have lost a fortune during its downfall.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are two of the most popular types of cryptocurrency. Before the crash, Bitcoin’s price has soared more than 450% while Ethereum’s price has increased by more than 1,100% since October 2020. The wildness has subsequently extended to Dogecoin (DOGE), which skyrocketed by at least 12,000% since January 2021!

In May 2020, both Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s prices plummeted by more than 45% from their highest points while those who bought Dogecoin at its highest price would have seen their wealth reduced by at least 55% had they not manage to cut loss in time.

Such volatility might be nerve-wracking to many investors, but it could also mean an opportunity for those who want in. The question here is, is cryptocurrency a good investment now? Here are some points to look at:

1) Cryptocurrency could be the next “it” thing

The previous surge in the price of Bitcoin is largely contributed by investors who believe that it is a scarce asset that could increase in value due to its limited supply of just 21 million coins. This is unlike paper money, which could be printed at the will of those governing the countries, causing its value to depreciate when more is printed.

Some even hold the view that Bitcoin could become the first currency accepted globally. If this view could actually come true, cryptocurrency investors could see themselves

GTA San Andreas - Improved Minigames

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 211

This mod improves minigame textures to more detailed ones for 1920x1080 screens.
It is recommended to have a pre-installed Remastered GUI For SA made by Ash_735.


What is Solana max TPS?

🕔 6 months ago  |  👁 158

Solana SOL cryptocurrency can handle 65k+ TPS, it is known to be a coin with one of the highest transaction throughput on layer 1.
However there are stability and decentralization concerns, Solana network has been halted multiple times.


Top 10 YouTube alternatives with Dislike button

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 293

Being able to rate videos we watch is important because it shows overall user opinion and saves us from scams as well as save us time.
Just look at TikTok for example, most videos there are straight up garbage and spreading misinformation.
And there is nothing viewers can do about them.
So, I been searching for YouTube alternatives and here is a list of best options so far.

  1. AIOZ Tube
  2. DTube
  3. Odysee
  4. PeerTube
  5. BitChute
  6. TILvids
  7. Rokfin
  8. MediaCMS
  9. BitTube (upvotes & downvotes)
  10. Utreon (upvotes & downvotes)

Bonus (star rating):

  • Veoh
  • VidLii


How to Recover lost Chrome passwords after clearing history

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 333

A quick tutorial on Restoring Deleted Passwords on Chromium-based browsers after cleaning history on PC.

Note: This will only work if you are using the sync function on your other devices!

1. Get your phone/ second device that uses the same browser and account.

2. Turn off internet right away so it doesn't get synced with PC.

3. Go to Settings > Passwords and press "Export Saved Passwords".

4. Transfer the file to PC (Telegram and Google Drive is a good option).

5. On PC go to Settings > Passwords, click "Import" and select the file you just transferred.



If you don't see import option you may need to enable it by going to the "chrome://flags" address, searching "password import" and set it to "Enabled"


GTA San Andreas - Remaster ModPack Project v0.1

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 464

These mods work with SAMP and MTA, it is required to downgrade your game if you run Steam version.
By installing these mods you are breaking Rockstar end user license agreement which means their support will not be able to assist you.





Extract archive contents to your game directory and replace original files.
That's it you can now play the game! Every mod used is listed below.
If you want you can disable intro splash screens by using [SA]NoBeginScreenPatch.


Everything from Interface Remastered Project

No Begin Screen Patch

Stream Memory Fix 2048

Sky Gradient Fix

Black Roads Fix

Aggressive Drivers Fix


Project 2DFX

Framerate Vigilante

Normal Map Plugin

Ped Spec Illumination

Remastered Weapons & Items

Lockdown Insanity CJ

Cutscene Character Upscale

Cutscene Character Fingers

Cutscene Characters Remastered

GTA V Palm Trees

Vending Machines Remastered

CJ House Remastered

Round Wheels on all Vehicles

HD Vehicle Textures

HD Peds

HD Graffiti


How to buy best laptop (things to consider)

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 464

If you want to buy a laptop that fits your needs there are many things you need to consider, starting from specs and ending with materials it is made from.
But today I will tell you the ones that I think are most important.
Of course, having a powerful processor is very important to keep your device quick and responsive throughout the years.
Better get more powerful right away.

If you want to play games you will definitely need a dedicated graphics card such as Nvidia Geforce.

Also known as Random-access memory usually is easier to upgrade after buying a laptop.
More ram gives you ability to do more stuff at the same time and speed up game loading.

• Display
With display, there are 3 main things to keep in mind.
1. Screen surface type
You will most likely want to have matt type because it doesn't cause much eyestrain like glossy.
2. FPS
The more the better especially if you are a gamer you will want more frames per second as long as your device is powerful enough to run games at higher frames.
3. Colors
sRGB percentage is the main indicator of screen quality.
100% sRGB is usually the top pick by graphic designers.
You might want a separate Numpad or maybe camera lock?
Or maybe second language letters on the keyboard.
Also, good cooling is of course important for gamers.

Good luck!


How to see list of YouTube videos you have disliked

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 165

You can see your disliked YouTube videos, YouTube Music and Shorts.
Although YouTube doesn't provide this option officially you can download unofficial app called myTube!
Only available on Windows 10 and Windows 11 through Microsoft Store.
You can get it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/mytube/9wzdncrcwf3l
Worth noting that it used to be paid but now is free and offers few more useful features like audio only mode.

Internet of Things (IoT): A basic 101 Overview

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 245

We are living in a truly digital age from our personal lives across to the workplace technology is the engine of how we get most activities done.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.

An IoT device is typically made up of a circuit board with sensors attached that use WiFi to connect to the internet. For example:

• A pressure sensor on a remote oil pump.

• Temperature and humidity sensors in an air-conditioning unit.

• An accelerometer in an elevator.

• Presence sensors in a room.


Typically, IoT devices send telemetry from the sensors to back-end services in the cloud. However, other types of communication are possible such as a back-end service sending commands to your devices. The following are some examples of device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication:

A mobile refrigeration truck sends temperature every 5 minutes to an IoT Hub.

The back-end service sends a command to a device to change the frequency at which it sends telemetry to help diagnose a problem.

A device sends alerts based on the values read from its sensors. For example, a device monitoring a batch reactor in a chemical plant, sends an alert when the temperature exceeds a certain value.

Your devices send information to display on a dashboard for viewing by human operators. For example, a control room in a refinery may show the temperature, pressure, and flow volumes in each pipe, enabling operators to monitor the facility.

What are the benefits of the Internet of Things for business?

The benefits of the IoT for business depend on the particular implementation; agility and efficiency are usually top considerations. The idea is that enterprises should have access to more data about their own products and their own internal systems, and a greater ability to make chang

How to keep Windows 10 Fast and Stable (5 golden rules)

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 261

1. Do not install feature updates.
Instead, do a clean install when you actually need it.
Microsoft has been slowing down and messing up computers with updates since Windows XP times.
The easy way to disable them is by setting your WiFi as Metered Connection in Properties.
Alternatively, you can open "Services" by searching it in the search box on the taskbar and disable "Windows Updates" completely.
2. Do not install unknown programs.
Unless you are using Microsoft Store.
Sure you might need to do it sometimes but you should test them on an alternative or virtual machine first to see if it's actually what you need.
3. Do not log in to Microsoft account.
Chances are you don't need features that MS account provides such as Cortana so there is no need to let them run in the background.
4. Maintain your system.
This includes:
• Updating your drivers if needed.
• Removing and disabling unwanted programs.
• Clearing cache/ temp files using the "Disk Cleanup" tool.

5. Use built-in Windows Security instead of third-party antivirus.
If you know what you are doing and you are not downloading weird stuff on the internet you should be completely fine with the built-in anti-virus Microsoft provides.
Make sure it is turned on at all times.


Worst cryptocurrency exchanges

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 261

So far I have found 3 exchanges that I would avoid at all costs.

  • Txbit

Once used to trade some altcoins and then found out they got ridiculous withdrawal fees and barely any trade offers which basically forces you to keep smaller balances on exchange.
Customer support never replied to email so I went to Twitter where they blocked me right away after warning others about this problem.
On TrustPilot they are also removing reviews.

  • Exmo

I had an account there for a while and when I came back to check my balance I found out they wiped off everything for being inactive.

  • HitBTC

Exchange that scammed PIONEER COIN for 29 Bitcoins and blocked on Twitter after that.


Top CryptoCurrencies with free transactions

🕔 6 months ago  |  👁 2.7k

Having low fees or being completely feeless is great for micro-transactions, luckily there are many options to choose from.
Here is a list of cryptocurrencies with free transactions or optional fees.

Nano (XNO)

Speed: ~ 1 second
Wallet tested on - Natrium - NANO Wallet

Banano (BAN)

Speed: ~ 1 second
Wallet tested on - Kalium - BANANO Wallet
Note: Meme & Fork of Nano.


Speed: ~ 2 seconds
Wallet tested on - Firefly Wallet
Note: Cannot send less than 1 IOTA. Currently centralized.

Proton (XPR)

Speed: ~ 2 seconds
Wallet tested on - Webauth.com Wallet
Note: Fork of EOSIO


Speed: ~ 4 seconds
Wallet tested on - steemitwallet.com
Note: There is no mobile wallet...


Speed: ~ 4 seconds
Wallet tested on - Ecency
Note: Fork of Steem.

Tron (TRX)

Speed: ~ 4 seconds
Wallet tested on - Klever Wallet
Note: Limited - each wallet can do around 25 transactions for free every day.


How to get free Cryptocurrency

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 298

The best way to earn cryptocurrency is probably by mining and staking.
However, If you just want to play around there is a bunch of ways where you can simply claim crypto for free.
So here are some of the best ways that I found, all tested by myself.

  • 2Miners Crypto Mining with feeless Nano payouts.

  • Coinbase Earn & Learn.

  • Coinbase DAI stablecoin staking.

  • Presearch Search Engine.

  • Brave Browser Ads.

  • Captcha Faucets.

  • Watching videos on CryptoVision and JungleTV.

  • Staking & dividend earning on ViteX DEX.

  • Auto staking CAKE on PancakeSwap DEX.

  • Staking on Exodus or Trust Wallet.

  • Reddit r/Cryptocurrency MOONS.

  • WeNano app (Pokemon GO type game).

  • Aircoins App (Pokemon GO type game).

  • Writing articles on Publish0x, Steemit or Hive Blog.


How to fix Lenovo Legion 5 Wi-FI issue.

🕔 6 months ago  |  👁 773

The laptop: Lenovo Legion 5 15.6" 144Hz, GTX 1660 Ti
Is a great device but it comes with really bad WIFI chip that makes your signal low, internet is slow, high ping in games like CSGO and randomly disconnects.

There are multiple ways to fix it and here is a list of them:

1) Buy new wireless network card.
I got the Intel(R) WI-FI 6E AX210 160MHz chip and it works like charm.

2) Update WIFI drivers using Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.
Drivers older than 2022 usually cause this problem.

3) Buy a USB wifi adapter.
Will solve the problem but may not be fast enough depending if it has antena. But takes USB slot and space.
Another good thing is that older operating systems like Windows 8 usually support these.

4) Try WIFI chip from old laptop.
This might work but if new drivers are not available then probably will have same problem.

Why Google is still the best search engine

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 244

There been many new search engines lately and some people seem to hate Google because of privacy concerns.
Honestly, it is not something to worry about, you can disable search history and other stuff in your account settings.
I have tried many but in my opinion nothing comes close to good old Google.
Google somehow manages to give more useful results than any other search engine I tried.
Also, it is more than just a search engine actually, it provides many cool features that others don't.
For example:
• Search by image.
• Search by voice.
• Search for a song - Shazam alternative (Requires Google app).
• Check your IP right in search without opening any site.
• Convert currencies using search.
• Calculate using search.
There is probably more:)

What is IOTA max TPS?

🕔 6 months ago  |  👁 160

IOTA MIOTA cryptocurrency scales with network growth since each transaction confirms other transactions, which in theory makes it infinite.
However as other DAG based cryptocurrencies like nano have shown it is limited by hardware of the nodes and bandwidth so at the moment it is around 1k TPS.


Top 7 Fully Private CryptoCurrencies

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 547

This is a list of private cryptocurrencies that are private by default which means others can't view your balance and past transactions.
Also, there are no extra steps needed to be done unlike with coins like PIVX or zCash.

Monero (XMR)

Dero (DERO)

Bytecoin (BCN)

Beam (BEAM)

Grin (GRIN)


Qwertycoin (QWC)


List of Free Crypto Faucets 2023

🕔 5 months ago  |  👁 3.7k

Faucets are an excellent way to obtain small amounts of cryptocurrency for free. It's a good way to test out different coins, or perhaps one day they may be worth more. Fun fact: In 2010, there was a Bitcoin faucet that gave away 19,700 BTC.
I will be updating this list with new faucets, so if you have any requests for additions, please let me know on Twitter.

Vite tokens

You can now stake some of these tokens on Viterium wallet! Read more

Nano (XNO)
https://nanswap.com/get-free-nano (1)

Banano (BAN)
https://nanswap.com/get-free-banano (1)

Paw (PAW)
https://nanswap.com/get-free-paw (1)

DogeNano (XDG)
https://nanswap.com/get-free-dogenano (1)

Ananos (ANA)
https://nanswap.com/ananos-faucet (1)

DigiByte (DGB)

Solana (SOL)

Chia (XCH)

Algorand (ALGO)

Proton (XPR) tokens

Bitcoin (BTC) Satoshi on Lightning Network

Top 10 MMORPG games like RuneScape (2022)

🕔 2 months ago  |  👁 161

MMORPG games that are similar to RuneScape:

Lost Ark

Albion Online


Path of Exile

World of Warcraft

Guild Wars 2

Black Desert Online


New World

Entropia Universe

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency tracking websites

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 245

Here is my list of my favorite cryptocurrency tracking websites, some also got mobile applications.

  1. CoinMarketCap
  2. CoinGecko
  3. Coinbase
  4. CoinStats
  5. LiveCoinWatch
  6. CoinPaprika
  7. Blockfolio
  8. Delta
  9. CoinCodex
  10. CoinLore


What does it mean when HDD is at 100% in Task Manager and is slow?

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 173

If your computer is running slow and HDD is at 100% constantly there can be 3 main reasons for this.

  • You got a virus?

If this is the case then you should straight do a clean Windows installation and only backup your most important files.
Be sure to actually format the whole hard drive before installing.
I recommend doing it through Command Prompt while on the installation menu.
To do this press Shift + F10 to open it and then type following commands:
1. diskpart
2. list disk (find out your main drive number, size is a good way to indicate it)
3. select disk 0 (number must be one of the main drive you want to format)
4. clean

  • You got too many programs running at the same time?

This one is easier to fix but can take more time.
First of course you should remove unwanted/ unused programs or games you have installed.
This can be done by opening "Add or Remove Programs" - search it in the search box on the taskbar.

Next, disable startup programs.
Right-click your taskbar and select "Task Manager", then go to the "Startup" tab and right-click > disable everything you don't need or rarely use.

  • Your HDD is damaged and is coming to an end?

This is a common issue for old hard drives and there is no point trying fixing it unless you bring it to a specialist.
In this case, you should look for a new drive, I recommend SSD because it is faster and doesn't make a weird noise also it is more durable.
Meanwhile, back up your data so you don't lose it.


GTA IV cloud saving was added!

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 1.5k

Rockstar has updated GTA 4 on Steam and now it is called Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, with this update they removed multiplayer, leaderboards, and some music from radio stations.
This new Complete Edition includes GTA: Episodes from Liberty City which means it is no longer a separate game.

Also, you can now save your game progress on the cloud using Rockstar Games Social Club.

To enable cloud saving do the following:
1. Open GTA IV.
2. Go to Social Club, (from main menu or press [home] button.
3. Click the Settings icon and select "GAME SETTINGS" tab.
4. Enable "Auto Sign in" in the "PROFILE" tab.
5. Enable "Cloud Saves" in the "GAME SETTINGS" tab.

Top 10 must have Windows 10 programs

🕔 1 year ago  |  👁 196

Here is a list of my favorite Windows programs that you should get right away if you just did a fresh Windows 10 installation or got a new computer.
I also recommend using Ninite tool that will get most of these installed automatically.

  1. Google Chrome - Web browser with greatest features.
  2. Google Drive - Online cloud storage and synchronization service with great mobile app where you can open different files inside it.
  3. Media player Classic - Free, open source, and lightweight video player.
  4. 7-zip - Free, open source, and lightweight file archiver.
  5. qBittorrent - Free, open source, and lightweight torrent downloader client.
  6. Winamp - Old but good audio file and radio player.
  7. Paint.NET - Hands down the best free image editor.
  8. Windows Photo Viewer - Old Photo Viewer that works faster than new app.
  9. Steam - Any game you ever wanted is most likely available on Steam.
  10. Telegram - Awesome messenger that you can use to transfer files and text between devices.

What is Litecoin max TPS?

🕔 6 months ago  |  👁 163

Litecoin LTC cryptocurrency has around 56 max TPS but just like with Bitcoin there are plans to make Lightning Network, however there are decentralization concerns.