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Top 10 Crypto Token Scanners and Analysis Tools

In today’s digital currency landscape, safeguarding investments against scams and rug pulls is paramount. Cryptocurrency token scanning and analytic tools are indispensable for investors navigating the DeFi space. These platforms offer critical insights into tokenomics, revealing minting processes, sell and buy tax structures, proxy contract usage, and honeypot traps. By leveraging these analytical services, one can step into the crypto market with confidence, armed with knowledge to identify secure and promising tokens.

  1. https://gopluslabs.io/token-security
  2. https://app.quickintel.io/scanner
  3. https://terminal.hapilabs.one
  4. https://de.fi/scanner
  5. https://tokensniffer.com
  6. https://bscheck.eu
  7. https://www.breadcrumbs.app
  8. https://rugcheck.xyz
  9. https://honeypot.is
  10. https://app.nansen.ai
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