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Top 10 YouTube alternatives with Dislike button

📃 2 years ago394 views

Being able to rate videos we watch is important because it shows overall user opinion and saves us from scams as well as save us time. Just look at TikTok for example, most videos there are straight u......

Top 5 Google Search Features you should be using

📃 2 years ago328 views

Here is a list of my favorite features that you can use right from the Google search bar. Search by image   Search for a song (mobile only - requires Google app)   Convert currencies &n......

Top 10 must have apps for Android

📃 2 years ago304 views

Here is a list of my favorite free Android applications that you should install right away if you just did a factory reset or got a new phone. Google Keep Notes - A very useful app for making not......

Top 5 Most Immersive Sci-Fi TV series

📃 2 years ago506 views

If you are looking for something interesting to watch you should definitely check these television shows. But be careful, they are very engaging and can be hard to stop watching before you finish......

10 Must-Know Facts About Physical Therapy

📃 2 years ago341 views

Physical therapy is an important method that helps in the overall functioning of the body. This has many interesting facts too that many of us are not aware of. The method involves the use of temperat......

The 5 cheapest places to buy property in Liverpool

📃 2 years ago415 views

Liverpool is a great city to buy property for first-time buyers and young professionals. Not only are the prices of houses very affordable, but they offer high value for money. The city offers great f......