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GTA San Andreas - Remaster ModPack Project v0.1

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These mods work with SAMP and MTA, it is required to downgrade your game if you run Steam version.
By installing these mods you are breaking Rockstar end user license agreement which means their support will not be able to assist you.







Extract archive contents to your game directory and replace original files.
That's it you can now play the game! Every mod used is listed below.
If you want you can disable intro splash screens by using [SA]NoBeginScreenPatch.



Everything from Interface Remastered Project

No Begin Screen Patch

Stream Memory Fix 2048

Sky Gradient Fix

Black Roads Fix

Aggressive Drivers Fix


Project 2DFX

Framerate Vigilante

Normal Map Plugin

Ped Spec Illumination

Remastered Weapons & Items

Lockdown Insanity CJ

Cutscene Character Upscale

Cutscene Character Fingers

Cutscene Characters Remastered

GTA V Palm Trees

Vending Machines Remastered

CJ House Remastered

Round Wheels on all Vehicles

HD Vehicle Textures

HD Peds

HD Graffiti

HD Vinewood Sign

HD Candy Suxxx and Mexican Cowgirl

Mobile Camera View

Mobile Vegetation

Mobile Fences

Mobile Gym Equipment

HQ Fire Hydrant

HQ Punchbag

Some textures from RoSA Project Reborn