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Why you should not be using Steemit or Publish0x

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Steemit and Publish0x are currently the most popular crypto blogging platforms where you can "earn" but not the first ones.
There was also
VoiceiWiW, and HyperSpace - all are now closed.

First of all, Steemit uses cryptocurrency Steem inflation to pay users. That's a terrible business model where you are basically taking money away from investors and holders. Assuming how many bots and spammers there are no wonder Steem is one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies in the current bull market.

People just don't bother making quality content for a website that pays you pennies.
You can have thousands of views but you still won't earn anything because you get paid for user Likes/ Upvotes.
Search result rankings are also terrible and if anyone actually finds your article most likely they will not have an account there.

On top of that, there is extreme censorship, Publish0x will permanently ban your account without any notice if you make one post they don't like.
Funny thing is that your other posts will remain on their website while you are banned and you have no option to remove them.
Steemit on the other hand uses whales for moderation. Many abandoned it just because they got downvoted by haters for no reason.


If you just like to write you can sell articles on Fiverr.
Alternatively, you can make your own website or use more serious platforms like Blogger, or WordPress and set up Google Adsense.