Things you can do with Nano (XNO) CryptoCurrency

Nano is ideal digital cash for online payments because it is feeless, instant, easy to use and decentralized.
So here is a list of apps and websites that I found where Nano can be used.

Spend, send or hold with Visa or Mastercard:

Accept Nano online or in a Store.

Pay with Nano (various merchants):

Accept Twitch and YouTube Donations

Accept payments or tips via short link:

Accept donations on your website:

Send to others via social media bots: 
Reddit -
Telegram -
Twitter -
WhatsApp -
Discord -

Integrate to Unreal Engine game:

Integrate to Unity game:

Integrate to Gadot game:

Integrate to Minecraft Server:

Buy games:

Promote YouTube videos or watch and earn:

Block spam & scam calls and earn:

Do Tasks & Surveys and earn:

Play games and earn:

Claim from faucets:



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