Things you can do with Nano (XNO) CryptoCurrency

Nano is ideal digital money for payments because it is decentralized, feeless, instant, easy to use and of course environment friendly.
So here is a list of apps and websites that I found where Nano can be used.

Spend, send or hold with Visa or Mastercard:

Accept Nano online or in a Store.

Pay with Nano (various merchants):

Accept Twitch and YouTube Donations

Accept payments or tips via short link:

Accept donations on your website:

Send to others via social media bots: 
Reddit -
Telegram -
Twitter -
WhatsApp -
Discord -

Integrate to Unreal Engine game:

Integrate to Unity game:

Integrate to Gadot game:

Integrate to Minecraft Server:

Buy games:

Promote YouTube videos or watch and earn:

Block spam & scam calls and earn:

Do Tasks & Surveys and earn:

Play games and earn:

Claim from faucets:


Store or gift nano with paper wallet: 

Sell premium content: 

Mine cryptocurrencies on 2Miners and get paid in Nano:


January 27 2022

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