What is
Anim is new platform for blogs, tutorials, and more.
Our main focus is to keep it simple, easy to use, and easy to understand.

How can I upload my blog, article or tutorial?
You can submit your work as .docx file at:

Will I get paid for submitting articles?
Currently, we are not paying for submitted articles.
However, you can add your Nano (XNO) wallet address or XRP Interledger Payment Pointer when submitting an article which will allow us and any visitor donate to you.

How can I donate to the author of the blog post?
You can donate via Nano Donate or Coil extension.
Note: If author has not included Nano wallet address or XRP payment pointer funds will be send to

Why is there no Android and IOS app?
We believe that responsive web apps are the future.
You can add to the home screen which will make it act like a native app.

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