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Top 10 Worst Cryptocurrencies to invest in

  • Doge

An inflationary meme used as pump and dump, Coinbase listing was the only reason you would want to hold it, and now since it's added I would not expect much price increase - it will only follow Bitcoin and Elon tweets. There is no real development and no innovation.


  • Verge

Forked from Dogecoin as a private crypto and then getting hacked multiple times.
And not even being private...


  • Coti

Very misleading marketing and spreading fud about other cryptocurrencies.
Coti is a centralized cryptocurrency that uses existing technologies and pretending to be better.


  • Cardano

Most hyped Ethereum killer crypto that doesn't provide anything innovative compared to other alternatives.
Pure speculation and no practical use.


  • zCash

Privacy cryptocurrency that is not private, in fact, 99% of transactions made are traceable. Also, transaction speed and cost is worse compared to alternatives.


  • Steem & Hive

A terrible business model that devalues cryptocurrency by using inflation to pay its users.


  • Bitcoin SV

Slowest cryptocurrency transactions, again nothing innovative and no reason to use.


  • Ethereum Classic

While Ethereum is trying to improve ETC is just an old insecure chain with no practical use that has been getting 51% attack multiple times.


  • Eos

Just a terrible centralized cryptocurrency, bad dapps, and a lot of scams.


  • Bytecoin

No adaption, no development, and a lot of fud about BCN being a scam.