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Common CryptoCurrency scams you should be aware of!

Crypto scams seem to be proliferating on every social media platform these days. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise caution and remain alert when engaging in online transactions. It's important to keep in mind the essential rule of never sharing your recovery phrase or seed with anyone. However, with the advent of web3, things have become more complex, and greater understanding is required. If you authorize anything on a fraudulent website, they could wipe out your entire wallet, so be cautious! In this article, I will guide you through the most common cryptocurrency scams to help you recognize them and avoid falling victim to them.


  • Fake Wallet Support on Twitter.



  • Fake Exchange Support on Telegram/ Reddit.



  • Fake impersonation YouTube channels promoting different scams.



  • Fake Discord Giveaway you never participated in with phishing link.



  • Free crypto Emails.



  • YouTube cryptocurrency doubling streams and ads (they may even steal popular accounts to run streams).



  • Pump & Dump Signal Discord and Telegram groups



  • TikTok shitcoin and Ponzi shills.



  • Fake CryptoCurrency wallets and Google ads advertising them.



  • Fake wallet verification emails.

trust wallet

  • Fake Uniswap AirDrop emails


  • Another fake Ethereum AirDrop email.


  • Fake trade offer from Opensea.


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