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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate to the author of the blog post?

You can donate to any author via the Nano Donate extension or by simply scanning the QR code on their donation page to send the crypto of your choice. You will see a "Donate" button on a profile page if the author accepts them.

How can I earn?

You will receive Anim tokens once a month if your posts have gained at least 1,000 of combined views since the last period. Additionally, you can receive donations from us or any user if you have enabled them in your account settings, note that Vite (VITE) wallet address is required to receive our reward token.

Where can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies?

Vite and many other cryptocurrencies can be traded on various exchanges, one popular option is Binance.
Also, there is a decentralized exchange ViteX that doesn't require KYC or even email, but will require different cryptocurrency for trading.

Where can I hold or receive cryptocurrencies?

For Vite and Anim token Viterium and Vite Wallet are recommended options. For rest of the currencies that we support Exodus is recommended.

My local bank is blocking exchanges. What now?

Consider setting up a virtual card with Revolut. Then you can easily transfer your funds to the virtual card through Google Pay and use it with the majority of exchanges.

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